California Coast, part 3.

Our time on the Malibu coast was interesting. We had two major rain/wind storms and then just the wind which caused my allergies to explode. I was miserable for several days. But, it was undeniably beautiful where we stayed and I got to visit with friends while we were here. It was a good week overall.


The Malibu Beach RV Park was pretty amazing. They do run a tight ship – I got yelled at a few times when Lily was roaming near me off her leash. And they don’t let kids run around screaming which was important – kudos to the golf cart brigade zooming around keeping things in check. Also, the park was maybe 30% full when we were there. We enjoyed our time there very much.

Welcome to Malibu Beach.
Birds eye view of the park entrance.
Catalina Island off in the distance.
Our perfect perch above the ocean.
Our view from the bed as we woke up each morning it wasn’t raining.

Of course, I enjoyed some fish and chips while in the vicinity of the Malibu Seafood Shack. It was just a quick hike down the canyon from the RV park. And, I think the hike down was when my allergies decided to erupt.

Very popular place with the locals.
I promise they were not frozen fish sticks 😂.

After I devoured the delicious fish and fries, I hiked back up to the park to take a grease induced nap.

Allergy inducing flora.
Solitary palm tree still charred from the 2018 fire.

Alas, another storm rolled in just before we were scheduled to leave. It was an ugly day but the storm cleared out to produce a stunning sunset.

Sunset and stars on our final night in Malibu. Absolutely perfect!

As we pulled out the next day, I stopped along the PCH to take in the Pacific Ocean one last time before we head towards the desert.

Classic image of a life guard shack overlooking the beach.
Airstream parked along the Pacific Coast Highway.


We left the coast and headed towards the desert but made a few Harvest Host stops along the way. First stop was an interesting winery in Escondido. It was the only winery I’ve seen so far that has a medieval themed Hollywood style castle and I seem to remember seeing this from the highway when I was a kid and thinking it was cool.

Balle Marie Winery.
The winery owners live in the castle.
The wines were interesting but nothing special in my opinion. I only bought one bottle 🤷.
It was a peaceful night parked next to the castle.

Next morning, my allergies were still at max strength so I made the decision to get some relief in the form of Nasal spray before continuing on into the desert.

Quick stop at Target for some allergy meds.


Back on the road and medicated we continued south towards the Mexico border to our next Harvest Host which is a campground and animal rescue farm in the middle of Native American territory. This place is rich in Native American archeology and history.

Parked among the oak trees for one night.
I found some of the laborers that were building trumps wall.
Native American prayer labyrinth for contemplation and reflection.
This is how close we were to Mexico.
Lily making new friends.

So, that concludes our time on the California Coast. We will spend the next part of our adventure in the desert. Next stop is Borrego Springs! Truthfully, I was getting bored with the coast so I’m happy to be heading in a new direction. And, my allergies are back under control so bring on the Palm Desert winds and climate!!!

Next time you hear from us will be after the holidays so we just want to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for reading and journeying with us this far. See you in 2022!

Happy Holidays from Paul and Lily – Malibu, California – December 2021

2 thoughts on “California Coast, part 3.

  1. Chris Huff December 21, 2021 / 3:48 am

    Looks like you are making your way towards AZ. Look forward to catching up and meeting Lily in person.


  2. Sharon and Dorn December 23, 2021 / 10:02 pm

    We will be with you in spirit for Christmas. Keep those allergies under control and have a wonderful holiday season wherever you go. Love Sunflower


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