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Hi, I’m Paul, and for the last two years, I’ve been obsessed with watching people vlog their travel lifestyles on YouTube. I would spend hours watching complete playlists of RV’rs going from state to state exploring national parks and interesting places. “Wouldn’t that be cool”, I would think to myself, “someday, maybe I could do that”. Well, someday is today. Come along as my Shiba Inu and I see what it’s like to spend months on the road living out of an Airstream Globetrotter traversing the country to see all that we can see.

Trust the timing of your life!

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7,223 Miles, 123 Nights, 63 Destinations.

Our West Coast journey is complete! Lily and I reluctantly returned home just in time for the tail end (we hope) of the rains that will produce a typical stunning Seattle spring and summer season. Bring on the allergies!!!! Before we sign off for the summer, here’s a look at our travel map: the route … Continue reading

Fire, Death, and Parachute Shields.

Lily and I wrapped up our month in Utah and prepared to head into Nevada for the final stretch of our West Coast trip. Alas, the snow caught up with us and we woke up to a winter surprise on our last morning in Kanab. The day before it was super windy with dust and … Continue reading

Dramatic Canyons, Famous Valleys, and Crimson Spires.

We are wrapping up our time in Moab and still exploring this fascinating area. It’s quite a small town but I actually found a little local grocery store that carries all my favorite organic food brands that I regularly enjoy back home in Seattle. Canyonlands National Park Next on the list is Canyonlands and I … Continue reading

Majestic Rock Faces and Natures Architecture.

At last, we arrive at the mightiest and most spectacular of the National Parks. This is probably the highlight of our West Coast trip and our first time camping inside a National Park. It was awesome in every sense of the word. Zion National Park What can one say about Zion except it is simply … Continue reading

Red Rocks and a Sandstone Wonderland.

We are back in Arizona after a week in Albuquerque wrapping up errands. ABQ treated us well altho the temps dropped well below freezing every night. The truck is serviced, Amazon packages collected, Trader Joe’s stocked, and now we are ready to get back on the road and see more amazing stuff. Petroglyph National Monument … Continue reading


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