First Tow!

The day that I have been anticipating and waiting for finally arrived. The weight distribution hitch was installed and …. wait for it …. I got to tow the Airstream for the first time. I literally did not sleep the night before I was too excited. Lots of questions got answered this day.

I think the truck was ready too!

As I pulled out of the warehouse bay, I felt for the first time all the weight behind me. The truck brakes were like oh okay things just got serious huh?!  I put the transmission in tow mode and started off out the parking lot and into the world with my new toys.

Those first initial sensations of the truck registering with the movement of the trailer were amazing. I pulled into a strip mall parking lot just to get some space to take it all in. And, I really wanted to see if backing up was easy or hard. Let’s just say, it’s gonna take some practice!

I spent a few hours driving around – on the freeway, thru parking lots, into a roundabout, back onto the freeway, and back to the dealership. It was really fun, I just wanted to keep going and going.

Next milestone is taking the Airstream to Portland for the upgrades/upfits – solar, Li-ion batteries, WeBoost Cell Booster, washer/dryer combo, and some other cool stuff.

Delivery Day!

Finally, after 6 months of waiting patiently, I took delivery of my brand new 27′ Airstream Globetrotter!!!!! Here she is “on stage” for my walk-thru and acceptance. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

The biggest surprise at first glance was the awning – it looked much better IRL than in the marketing pics on the Airstream website. And, it’s power – push a button and the entire thing extends, tilts, retracts. Soo amazing. There is a smaller awning on the service (road) side that is manually operated.

I spent about an hour on the outside learning every feature, button, latch, switch, compartment, and lever. Since I’ve been pouring over Airstream YouTube videos for over a year, I was kind of familiar with everything, but it was good to finally put my hands on the goods.

Finally inside, here are the comforts of home, exactly as I expected …

Nest steps, the Blue Ox distribution hitch will be installed and configured for my tow vehicle. On that day, I will take the Airstream out for a tow and get a feel for what I’ve gotten myself into LOL.

And so, the adventure begins!!!