Delivery Day!

Finally, after 6 months of waiting patiently, I took delivery of my brand new 27′ Airstream Globetrotter!!!!! Here she is “on stage” for my walk-thru and acceptance. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

The biggest surprise at first glance was the awning – it looked much better IRL than in the marketing pics on the Airstream website. And, it’s power – push a button and the entire thing extends, tilts, retracts. Soo amazing. There is a smaller awning on the service (road) side that is manually operated.

I spent about an hour on the outside learning every feature, button, latch, switch, compartment, and lever. Since I’ve been pouring over Airstream YouTube videos for over a year, I was kind of familiar with everything, but it was good to finally put my hands on the goods.

Finally inside, here are the comforts of home, exactly as I expected …

Nest steps, the Blue Ox distribution hitch will be installed and configured for my tow vehicle. On that day, I will take the Airstream out for a tow and get a feel for what I’ve gotten myself into LOL.

And so, the adventure begins!!!

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  1. Dominc (What waz dat?) Veroni January 7, 2022 / 12:45 pm



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