Oregon Coast, part 2.

Lily and I wrapped up our soggy yet amazing time in Yachats. Our last day was actually dry for a few hours so I rushed over to see the Devils Churn before it started raining again. I parked my big truck in the tiny parking lot and headed down the trail towards the ocean. I was the only vehicle in the lot and completely alone on the trail – so nice!

The boardwalk meandered down a cliff to arrive at a volcanic rock ledge where you can scramble around like a crab trying to get the best picture or video as the water breaks and bashes the rock.

At the bottom, the ocean roared and rolled into the volcanic rock churn. It was really mesmerizing and strangely peaceful.

The next day, we unplugged, hitched up, and headed south escaping the PNW vortex and arrived in the banana belt of the southern Oregon Coast. It’s really nice to be in 60/65F weather for a change. From here on out, I’ll be enjoying sunnier fall weather and less wetness as we continue down the West Coast.

So, this week, we are staying adjacent to friends in the town of Brookings – literally, parked in a vacant lot next to their house.

Dusk in Brookings, Oregon.

This is our first time 100% dry camping so I’m putting the solar and Li-Ion batteries to the test. Also, I’m learning how long I can go on the Airstream tanks (fresh/grey/black) before running out/filling up. So far, I’m using more fresh water than I am wasting water. I estimate I can go about 5 days on 39 gallons of fresh water. This is living sort-of conservatively – daily military style showers. So far, so good. Based on my usage, I will surely run out of water before ever running out of power. No complaints so far – I’m really loving Airstream life and learning how things work and how long I can be self sufficient. It’s beyond cool being able to pick a destination, drive there, and park with all the comforts of home.

Moonlight and Fog during happy hour!
First bottle of wine opened in the Airstream! Appropriately, it’s an Oregon Pinot.

The coastline here is much less dramatic for weather but stunningly unique by geography and geology. Again, it’s just really nice to be away from the rain and humidity of the drenched PNW.

T-shirt and shorts weather in November.

As promised, I’m making it a point to patronize local businesses. Saturday luncheon consisted of $5 Bloody Marys with halibut fish & chips at The Porthole Cafe in Gold Beach.

It’s a spicy bloody and there’s a bridge in the background.
Let’s be honest, fish & chips are just a vehicle for tarter sauce. Right?

I visited a great little coffee spot in the Brookings Harbor … their Maple Bar Breve Latte is a super delicious diet killer. I had one every morning!

For our last two days in Brookings, we moved from the vacant lot to an ocean front RV park with full hookups. I did some laundry and took a few nice long showers while hooked up to water and sewer. And, enjoyed the sounds of the waves crashing all night and all day.

Perfect ocean front space!
Off season camping – almost had the whole beach to myself.
House warming gift from my Oregon friends! The travel tumbler and the Johnnie Walker.
Perfect sunset from the Brookings Beachfront RV Park.

The waves crashed all night and the moon was really bright when I took Lily out for her bedtime walk. Didn’t have my phone with me so missed the pic, but the next morning we woke up to abundant sunshine and surf.

Morning view as I publish this blog!
Made my lunch on the beach!

The Oregon coastline is supremely spectacular and I know we will be back soon and often.

Well, the first full week of Airstream life is complete and all is very well. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this new chapter of life and my decision to travel and go places.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Brookings and head south into California to begin experiencing the Redwoods and all the wonders of Humboldt County.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. ChelleChelle November 20, 2021 / 4:02 pm

    ❤️❤️❤️ ‘nuff said ☺️


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